Last month we told you about Ginger’s litter of Golden Doodles. At the time, we only had two puppies that were not yet sold. By the time the pups were ready to go home, at 8 weeks of age, there was still one puppy left. We knew we couldn’t leave him all alone in the puppy-pen in our garage, so we brought him in the house with us and started the process of potty training and house breaking.

The left-over pup was actually the first one born in Ginger’s litter. He’s a black male with a thick wavy coat. When the pups were born we put different colored ribbons on each of them. The first pup got a red ribbon. We started calling him “Red” but this seemed too impersonal so “Red” soon became “Red Fred”.

Red Fred soon settled into our routine. Within a few days he was sleeping through the night. The midnight potty-walks were over. Lyn kept looking for a home for Fred but no suitable families inquired about him.

One morning, about a week after Fred had moved into the house, I was shaving when Fred came wandering into the bathroom with a little toy duck in his mouth. He let me take the duck from him. Then I threw it across the room. Fred ran immediately to the duck, picked it up and returned it to me. I threw it again. Same result! Fred came trotting back to me with the fuzzy little mallard in his mouth.

I looked up just in time to see Lyn peeking around the corner. I knew immediately that I had been set up! She obviously thought that if I saw Fred’s potential as a bird dog that I might be convinced to keep him in our pack. It seems Lyn and Fred were both involved in a conspiracy to grow our pack from 3 dogs to 4. I’m happy to say that they were entirely successful in their efforts. Fred is now a full member of our family. We call him Fredman to remind ourselves that he is a male among all our female dogs.

Those of you who have been by the shop in the last couple of weeks have probably already met Fred and Ellie. Ellie is our daughter Kailin’s dog. Also from the same litter, Ellie is a brown female with a wild child attitude! Fred and Ellie get to play together every day at Woofers. They’re both turning out to be great little pups.

It’s hard to ignore the irony here. Kailin’s pup, Ellie, is the main reason we had Ginger bred to begin with. Kailin wanted a Golden Doodle puppy and we decided to make her one. Fred, on the other hand, was the first puppy born, but the last one to find a home. So, here we are with the puppy that was chosen before it was born and the puppy that no one else wanted, and they’re both great little dogs. The other six puppies all went to wonderful homes where they’ll receive all the love and care they need to thrive.

If you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by and see Ellie & Fred and the rest of the pack at Woofers!