Thanks to everyone who dropped by our booth at the Spanaway Community Fair Saturday and Sunday the 18 & 19 of July. We had a great time at the fair, visiting with old friends and meeting new ones.

Trainer, Kari Hammargren was in the booth with us. She also brought her dogs along for an agility demonstration that gave us all a little sample of what you can do with a combination of good dogs and good training. Kari is holding a series of training workshops here at Woofers. You can read more about the workshops elsewhere in Woof Notes.

The Woofers Wacky Pet Parade lived up to its name with a variety of pets, owners and wackiness. The parade Grand Master had to bail out on us at the last minute due to a scheduling conflict. So, rather than a police dog leading the parade, my lovely wife, Lyn donned her favorite dog mask and led the parade herself! The mask also came complete with a pin-on tail, but no amount of persuasion would convince her to wear the tail.

Winners in the parade competition were as follows:

Wackiest Team Costume: Cassandra Cantrell and her Pekinese dressed as sailors.

Most Beautiful Pet in Costume: Katie Davis’ Yorkshire Terrier “Little Bit.”

Most Handsome Pet in Costume: Anne Asplund’s dachshund “Jake.”

Most Exotic Pet: Joe Campbell with his snake (Lyn forgot to ask the snakes name because she was too freaked out!)

Smallest Pet: Joe Campbell (again!) with his pet guppy.

Best Pet Owner Look Alike: Pat Parker with her lovely dog, “Ruby.”

Largest / Longest Pet: Emily Jack with her chi-weiner, “Cassie.”

A Face Only A Mother Could Love: Katie Parker’s loveable pug, Meeka.

Woofers wants to congratulate all the winners, and thank everyone who participated. We have plans to include a brass band next year! (Anyone have a Poodle that plays trombone or a Bichon that twirls baton?)