It’s almost the holiday season again! I know, I know… I’m still trying to get my lawn furniture put away too. Leaves are piling up in the yard, the gutters need cleaning, and it’s about time to winterize all the outside faucets. It seems like time goes faster every year, but before I get too far afield with my philosophical observations about the passing of time, I should take a minute and introduce you to a new member of our family.

On September 12th I made the trip to Tonasket Washington to pick up our new Lab puppy! Her official name is Tri-Labs Kaia Kaboom, but we just call her Kaia.

She’s comes from a proven pairing of Blackjacks Tiger and Tri-Labs Nitro Nelly. Needless to say, we’re ecstatic about the new family member and hunting partner. The last few weeks have left us a little weary, with nightly awakenings from Kaia who announces her needs at about 3:00 AM and again around 5:00 AM.

Our older lab, Vee, was very skeptical at first but she warmed up to the idea after about a week. Now they spend hours playing together every day. Poor old Vee gets pretty tired trying to keep up with all Kaia’s antics.

Kaia actually had her first swim already at exactly 11 weeks. My son and I decided to walk across a hay field, down to our duck blind on Murray Creek. The field, which is usually dry this time of year, was already flooded due to a beaver dam a little farther downstream. The water near the edge of the field was only a couple of inches deep. As we continued to walk towards the creek and the duck blind, the water got deeper, but Kaia didn’t seem to mind. Before any of us knew it she was swimming in water about a foot deep! As we neared the blind I scooped her out of the water and put her on the dry floor of the blind. She was really excited, almost as if she was celebrating her new discovery. The whole adventure tired her out so much that I actually got to sleep until 4:00 AM this morning.

Kaia and Vee come to the shop with us every day, so be sure to drop by and meet the new puppy!