We all want what is best for our dogs. We give them healthy food, treats, and supplements. We take them for walks. We try to eliminate any discomforts or problems our dogs may have. A difficult problem to deal with in your pet is anxiety.

We’ve all had a dog that shivers under the bed for fireworks, loses their mind at the first crack of thunder, or can’t stand it when they are apart from you. For these dogs it can sometimes be difficult to find a solution. If you’ve already tried thunder shirts, rescue remedy, training and exercise, you may feel there is nothing else you can do.

Enter Barkworthies Phytocannabinoid dog treats. A treat designed to aid your dog’s digestion, help with joint pain, and reduce anxiety. It is made with CBD, CBN, and CBG, parts of cannabis that treat these problems without any of the bad parts.

These treats work wonderfully for anxious dogs. In a test run during a massive thunderstorm, I had four, relaxed, happy chihuahuas surrounding me. Without the treats they’re shaking and hiding. We will definitely be keeping these around for fireworks and other high stress times.