Below is information on the proposed Pierce County Homeless Village that would be located at the end of 176th Street where the cross-based highway was supposed to go. Yes, this is right next to JBLM on wetlands.
Woofers is already dealing with homeless addicts and their trash almost daily. This village would surely bring even more homeless to our area. If this area becomes unsafe to the point that people no longer want to shop here, we are out of business. So, if you are thinking why is Woofers posting about a homeless village, it's because our business stands to be negatively impacted by this village.
The fact that the residents do NOT have to be clean to be placed in a brand new, tax payer funded home, is beyond ridiculous! This is a recipe for disaster!
LINKS POSTED May 6, 2023
Listen to these two interviews with St. Rep. Lauren Davis (D-Shoreline) and a recovering meth and heroin addict who has now graduated from the University of Washington's Evans School, Ginny Burton.


Video of January 3rd meeting at Sprinker:                                

Pierce and Spanaway Citizens,
Attached below is an email from Pierce County in regards to proposed legislation Proposal No. 2023-5 which will be voted on soon by the Pierce County Council.  This proposal is an effort to change current zoning-density laws to allow the shared villages with conditional use permits in the Residential Resource zoned lands and will affect various areas in unincorporated Pierce County NOT just the Spanaway area. There were many great comments and concerns brought up in the commission meeting in January, which I advocate for those same concerns to be now voiced to the Pierce County Council who has final authority over the issue.
To be clear this is NOT the release of funds proposal for the Community First Village which we'll be updating you on when we have more information.Yet, passing this proposal is a prerequisite for the village they're planning for in the Spanaway area.
All important links are attached to the county's email below but the proposal can also be found at:
The proposal is set for the Community Development Committee and final Council hearings on Proposal No. 2023-5. The important date for this proposal include:  
-Community Development Committee is set for March 6, 2023, at 1:30 pm
-Final Council hearing on this proposal is set for March 21, 2023, at 3:00 pm
Please comment on the record with your concerns for this ordinance on the proposal link. Also please attend the meeting in-person or virtually meetings to elevate your voice.
Please feel free to share the email and proposal with all county residents you know, who will possibly be affected by this ordinance change.  
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and are enjoying the beautiful sunshine!
As always thank you for you time,
Spanaway Concerned Citizens
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This is notice of Community Development Committee and final Council hearings on Proposal No. 2023-5.

An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Allowing for Shared Housing Villages in the Residential Resource Zone of the Frederickson Community Plan Area, Mid-County Community Plan Area, Parkland-Spanaway-Midland Communities Plan Area, and South Hill Community Plan Area of Unincorporated Pierce County by Amending Title 18A of the Pierce County Code, "Development Regulations - Zoning"; Adopting Findings of Fact; and Setting an Effective Date.

The Final Council hearing on this proposal is set for March 21, 2023, at 3:00 pm. The final Council hearing will be held in Room 1045, County-City Building, 930 Tacoma Ave S, in Tacoma. Meetings are held in hybrid format with in-person and remote attendance. To attend and/or comment remotely call 253-215-8782 and use Web ID 976-6178-7423, or use the Zoom link for this meeting:

The Community Development Committee hearing is set for March 6, 2023, at 1:30 pm. To attend and/or comment remotely call (253) 215-8782 and use Web ID 928-4334-3887, or use the Zoom link for this meeting:

Use the following link for the weekly Council Meeting Schedule, which includes the Committee hearing agenda, location and time:

Use the following link for Proposal information, including hearing dates and related documents:

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