April has been a busy month so far, with getting our new dog food section filled up with new foods, Hunt Test Practice for Kaia, and there was also the annual fishing trip to Neah Bay for the lingcod opener. 

Vee always accompanies me on this trip. As she gets older I have found myself wondering if these trips are too tiring for the old dog. We tend to fish pretty hard, often spending all day on the water. Vee seems tired at the end of the day but she’s still ready to go the next morning. It’s hard for me to imagine the Neah Bay trip without her. 

Lyn wasn’t able to come with me this year. The shop has been busy, but not busy enough to warrant hiring someone to take over while we go on vacation together. It looks like we’ll be taking separate vacations until the economy gets back up to speed. 

This year Dennis, one of my hunting buddies, came with me. He was a good fishing partner and was actually polite enough to not out-fish me until the last day of the trip when he caught a bunch of rock fish and a monster ling cod. 

Vee held up well through the entire 4 days but she slept the whole way home. Kaia was glad to see us all when we arrived. Lyn told me that Kaia behaved well for her while I was gone. 

Now that all the fish is packed and loaded into the freezer, I just need to give Lyn enough time off so that I can get the necessary brownie points to go back to Neah Bay for the halibut opener in May.