February was a busy month at Woofers and March promises to be even busier. Lyn and I would like to thank all of our customers who have helped us grow the business. We owe a special thanks to our families who have helped us with so many things, whether it’s making blankets, running errands, fixing equipment, helping out in the store, or tending chores at home that we’re too busy to get done ourselves, we really appreciate all the help! 

Spring is almost here! At Woofers we notice that more of our customers are getting out and exercising their dogs now that the weather is improving and the days are getting longer. Other changes we notice with the new season are the increased number of dogs that get their fur cut short or they get the Furminator Shedless Treatment to help alleviate the extreme undercoat shedding that some breeds display this time of year. 

Another sure sign of spring is when we sell our first canine life jacket. Yes! The boating season is almost here too! Lyn has been busy bringing in new toys for your dogs. This year she’s claimed a whole section of shelving just for water toys: floating Frisbees, floating balls and stuff like that. If there’s a toy that your dog likes and you don’t find it on our shelves, please let us know and we’ll find a supplier and bring the item in for you. 

Maybe it’s because so many litters are whelped in the time period September/November or maybe it has more to do with the increased daylight but, a whole lot of female dogs seem to come into season in the spring. If you have an unsprayed female be sure to keep a close eye on her so you can take proper precautions if she comes into heat over the next couple months. We have all the necessary supplies to keep her from making a mess of your house while you have her cooped up too. 

If you have a male dog you will want to take some extra precautions to keep him from wandering in search of females. A lot of male dogs get lost this time of year while they are out looking for love. Don’t let your boy be one of ‘em! It only takes a few minutes to get an I.D. tag for your dog and we have those here too. Oh, he’s micro chipped? Well, that only helps if the person who finds your dog takes him to the vet to get scanned. A tag with your last name and current phone number can make all the difference between a lost dog and a returned dog. 

Thanks again for being a Woofers customer. Have a great spring!