Cancer is a very personal & delicate subject. Most of us have been affected by cancer in one way or another. I am doing my best to prevent cancer in my dogs and myself. I read a lot about cancer prevention and I am more interested in a natural approach than a typical Western Medicine approach. I do believe that the best prevention for most diseases, including cancer, lies in keeping your body’s immune system in tip top shape with a proper diet, supplements, exercise and limited exposure to toxins. Most of the dog nutrition and dog cancer prevention information crosses over in to the prevention for humans as well. My dogs have made me a healthier human and I am very grateful to them. 

This is what I would do for a dog with cancer. (I am not a veterinarian, this is simply my opinion.) I would feed a raw or home cooked food with 80% muscle meat, 10% organ meat and 10% bone. Cancer feeds on sugar. Carbohydrates ARE sugar. ALL dry kibble is loaded with carbs! Get rid of the kibble. I would also add these supplements to their diet. 

What Causes Cancer in Pets? One Man’s Opinion A quote from this link: “One thing that confirms my belief that cancer is related to food is that every single dog owner that contacts me for help has fed their pet commercial dog food for a long period of time.” 

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Animal EO is a line developed by a veterinarian 

Good diet seems to be important in helping with cancer as well. It’s also key to helping with many other conditions as well from yeast infections to hip dysplasia.
If you’re not sure if your dog’s diet is good or not, check out our “Dog Food” page for more information. 

Alternative Therapies for Injuries

We have used cold laser therapy for Ginger’s knee injury and for Ellie’s allergies. We actually did a liver cleanse on Ellie and it was pretty amazing stuff.  Info on laser therapy. 

Trifexis Flea Medication Warning

Over 700 dog deaths are suspected to be from reactions to Trifexis. Whole Dog Journal report on Trifexis adverse reactions. News Story with additional links. There is also a Facebook page called: Does Trifexis Kill Dogs