There’s been a lot of dog juggling at Woofers lately. Ginger has come in heat again. We don’t intend to breed her this time, so we have to keep her separated from young Fred. We solved this by farming him out to our daughter, Kailin, who you also know from Woofers. So, for the first week of Ginger’s cycle Kailin kept Fred at her house together with her pup, Ellie, from the same litter. Kailin had her hands full with two young Golden Doodles romping in her house.  

We thought it was pretty good arrangement until Kailin discovered that Ellie was also beginning her first cycle! Now Kailin has Ginger and Ellie at her house and we are keeping Fred with us. All the dogs usually come to work with us but we’ve had to make other arrangements for Fred while Ginger and Ellie are both in heat.
Poor Fredman has been shifted from pillar to post, spending some days with my parents and other days Lyn or I just have to stay home and watch the dogs. To further complicate matters, Lyn just left on a four day trip to Canada with her girlfriends. Kailin and I are in charge of the entire dog juggling show for the next four days. With a little luck we’ll get to the end of next week before Kaia comes into heat!
I can already hear the chorus of voices saying, “Get ‘em spayed or neutered!” Trust me, when it’s time, we will. Until then we just have to be really careful and keep juggling!