Are you itching yet?

Flea season is 365 days a year in Washington.

Several times a day we hear, “my dog is itching.” Some of the time the itchy skin is cleared up with good food, some of the time with allergy testing, and sometimes the itching is caused by fleas. Flea season is 365 days a year here in Washington. The mild winters help fleas to survive outdoors, and of course, fleas thrive indoors. Fleas can hide almost anywhere, and it isn’t uncommon for our groomers to find fleas hiding under collars, in eye sockets, and in very personal areas of your dog.


Fleas attack the lesser host.

We often see pairs of dogs come in where one dog has fleas, and the other doesn’t. Dogs who already have poor skin are more vulnerable to fleas than dogs with healthy skin. You can help keep your dog’s skin healthy with high-quality food and supplements such as probiotics and salmon oil. If your dog is constantly scratching, you can bring him in and let us check him over with a flea comb. If your dog has fleas we can usually find them, and if he doesn’t you’ll know the problem lies elsewhere. Allergies, poor quality food, and harsh shampoos can all cause skin irritation.

Fleas are hard to get rid of.

Your dog can pick up fleas in his own backyard, from cats, from other dogs, and even from you if one hitched a ride. Even if you keep your house immaculate, have hardwood floors, and have never had a flea problem before your dog can still get fleas. If you take care of the issue when there are only one or two fleas, it is easy to get rid of. A dose of advantage should do the trick, and not too much else is needed. If you wait until there is a full-blown infestation, you will have to bomb your house 2-3 times, keep advantage on all of your dogs and cats, vacuum constantly, and possibly even treat your yard to take care of the problem.

Make healthy skin your first line of defense.

Lyn and Kailin’s dogs come to work with them every single day, yet they do not wear flea protection and never get fleas. Ginger & Ellie are also in the back being groomed every week or two. The trick is in keeping your dog’s skin healthy enough to fight off fleas on their own. Feel free to bring your dog in and ask us how we can help your dog take the next step towards better health.