New years day is a wonderful time to look back at our previous year, and to look forward to a brand new one. Many people like to make resolutions for the new year, such as losing weight or being more active. We think these are great ideas! Why not choose to get fit with your dog instead of paying for a gym membership?

Here are 3 awesome New Years Resolutions you can do with your pet:

1. Adopt a healthier lifestyle together

Choosing healthier foods, exercising more, and getting outside can make a big difference in the health of both you and your pet. Instead of vowing to hit the gym twice a week, why not go hiking with your pet instead? Both you and your dog will benefit from the experience, and studies show that people who have a dog to walk are more motivated to exercise than people who don’t.

2. Go places together

This goes hand in hand with the first one, but making a commitment to bond with each other outside of the house can have a huge effect on your dog’s confidence, and many other issues. Agility lessons are great for letting out pent up energy, and bringing your pet closer to you at the same time, but even a simple clicker training class can benefit both you and your dog.

3. Try New Things

Its easy to get set in the same routine and just coast along, but changing it up is good for your health. For your dog, choose new places to walk and rotate his toys out every few days so he always has something “new” to play with. For you, changing the routine can be as simple as trying a new flavor latte or a new vegetable. Keeping things fresh can make a big difference in your outlook on life, and your dog’s too.

Charlie the rescue dog was sent to Muck Creek Kennels for obedience training. He has become a well mannered canine citizen!