It’s no secret that we dog owner’s love our pets. In fact, according to Time magazine, we spent 367 million dollars on our pets over the holidays. Giving pets a little special love on Valentine’s day is a fun way to celebrate, and we have some awesome suggestions your dog will love:

Time With You.

Your dog spends most of his life waiting for you to come home. The number one thing you can do to show him you care is to spend some time with him. A game of fetch in the backyard, a walk, even a tummy rub can mean far more than all the treats in the world.

Training Classes

Just like we enjoy trying out Karate or Dance lessons, your dog may enjoy learning how to do Agility or Flyball. Giving your dog a chance to use his instincts in an appropriate environment is a wonderful way to reduce destructive behaviors and improve your relationship with your pet.

Thinking Toys

While your dog would no doubt delight in any toy or treat you bring home, a toy that dispenses treats is often far more exciting. The alluring smell of treats keep dogs engaged, and the fact that they aren’t easy to get to gives their brain as well as their bodies a workout. These toys are fantastic for keeping dogs of all sizes busy.