A lot of folks will place their dogs in a boarding kennel over the holidays. Often it’s because of their travel plans, but just as often it’s because they are having guests in their home that just aren’t compatible with their dog for some reason. I recently witnessed 4 solid weeks of training go straight down the tube in a client’s dog. This happened because the dog had been teased by visiting house guests and reinforced for jumping and other undesirable behaviors.
If you are considering boarding your dog over the holidays, why not board him/her for the whole month and get back a dog that is better behaved, happier and more confident than when you left him?

The 30 day Obedience Boot Camp is a great Christmas gift for the dog and for his entire family.

Call us at (253) 442-9625 or email now! You’ll be glad you did!

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Keep your pet safe this holiday with MCK’s 30 day Obedience Boot Camp! http://woofersnewsletter.blogspot.com/2013/12/a-lot-of-folks-will-place-their-dogs-in.html