Yep, he's retiring from Muck Creek Kennels!    

This is not the, sitting in a rocking chair on the porch kind of retirement, it’s the building of our homestead, kind of retirement. With the recent changes in the world and the promise of coming food shortages, it’s time for us to make changes.    

Jon has been running Muck Creek Kennels, our boarding and training facility, since 2012. He has reformed many, many rescue dogs and helped hundreds of pets become good canine citizens. While he will miss seeing the dogs that he has grown to love, Kailin has promised to keep Jon informed of the owners and dogs that we continue to see at Woofers.    

Last year Jon planted our first vegetable garden and this year he is expanding our garden. He has also planted fruit trees, increased our flock of chickens and there are several more homesteading projects planned. Turns out that being a farmer is a lot of hard work and a full-time job! Thankfully, Jon is up for the challenge.    

I truly hope that all of you are also preparing for the food shortages that appear imminent. Sadly, Jon and I see our country changing and no longer being the land of the plentiful. We have chosen to prepare and address the things that are within our control. We hope and pray that one day our country will return to the land of the free and plentiful, but for now, we are preparing for the opposite.    

Thank you to each and every one of you who trusted us with the training and boarding of your dogs. I’m sure we’ll keep in touch as we continue to see you at Woofers Grooming & Goodies!