April came and went awfully fast, didn’t it? With April, came Easter and a sunny day or two. Ellie and Fredman discovered daffodils and promptly picked some for us. We were concerned because, as most of you probably know, daffodils can poison dogs. Fortunately, they only got flowers. It is the bulb of the daffodil that is poisonous to dogs and livestock. It is a good idea to keep an eye on your dog if you have daffodils in your yard, especially if he’s a digger. 

Kaia had her own way to celebrate Easter. She brought a live bunny to our back door on Friday morning before Easter. She was definitely interested in keeping the rabbit, but we released the struggling bunny and gave Kaia her kibble instead.

I hope you all read and enjoy the article about The Walk in this months newsletter. The Walk has taught me more about my canine friends than anything else I’ve done. The picture above shows Ginger, Ellie, and Fredman on their daily walk. It’s easy to see how they feel about it!