My 80-year-old Dad just recovered from Covid in only 7 days!   

Praise God!   

I don’t share much of my personal life online or in email these days, but I’m making an exception in an effort to help anyone and everyone conquer the virus and stay out of the hospital.   

Everyone needs to be prepared, have a plan, and have all of your medications, supplements and medical devices BEFORE YOU NEED THEM. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Yes, I was a Girl Scout for many years LOL. When you have Covid it’s hard to think straight. It’s the strangest thing I have ever experienced. Because of this, you need to have a plan and decide what you will do if you get it beforehand. I had Covid in July and can’t believe the things I did and didn’t do because my brain was not functioning properly. Covid is not like any illness I have ever dealt with. Please print out anything you may want to refer back to if you or a loved one get sick.    

This is my Dad’s story.   

His first symptom was diarrhea. Weird huh? We did not realize it was Covid until 5 days later when he was still feeling ill and tried smelling Vicks Vapo Rub He smelled nothing, notta. Once we realized it was Covid, he started taking Ivermectin at 0.4mg/kg. He’s 200 pounds, so he took 36 milligrams per day for five days. The reason he took this dose is because he started taking the Ivermectin on day number 5 and because he’s eighty years old with underlying conditions. My Dad also took Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Melatonin, Quercetin, Zinc and NAC. He drank various electrolite drinks to keep hydrated. He also gargled three times per day. He slept a lot! When he was awake, he got up, walked around and went outside for fresh air and any sunshine that was available. He also checked his oxygen levels several times a day with a pulse oximeter. He had very little appetite, but he did force himself to drink Ensure for calories and nutrition. He was a very good patient and recovered in just seven days once he started taking the Ivermectin and supplements. I almost forgot to add, epsom salt baths will help your body and your brain.   

I was prepared with a nebulizer and a drug called Budesonide, in case my dad started having trouble breathing. You can also use food grade hydrogen peroxide in a nebulizer for breathing issues. This is a video on how to nebulize with Dr. Mercola and Dr. Thomas Levy.   

Info on Budesonide:   


#1 Priority: Have Ivermectin and/or Hydroxychloroquine on hand. GET IT NOW. Hospitals are NOT allowed to use these drugs that actually work. They are using Remdesivir which has a very high kill rate. Ventilators also have a very high kill rate. Bottom line: stay out of the hospital. This is one of many videos about the atrocities going on in our hospitals right now.   

After watching that video, I started listening to Kate’s radio show podcast and have learned so much. Here’s her link   

 Where to get Ivermectin & HCQ  I have used this site several times. It is very easy to use and I was able to add my family members, including my dad, to my account and order for them. With this site you pay for a telemedicine appointment and then you have your prescription sent to a pharmacy. You can choose an online pharmacy that will mail the medication to you, which can take a long time. OR if you are in the area of Woofers, you can use this amazing pharmacy that I just discovered: Harbor Health & Apothecary in Gig Harbor, WA  Most pharmacies in WA state are no longer filling Ivermectin prescriptions, which is criminal in my eyes.   

Protocols for prevention and treatment of Covid 19   This is the protocol I chose for my Dad. He did NOT take the aspirin because he is already on blood thinners for his heart. There is a chart for Ivermectin doseage on this website.   

Protocols for treating long-haul Covid   

Where to order supplements:   

Please don’t order from Amazon.  (he still has NAC, which is hard to find)  (this is an almost all-in-one supplement)   

Early treatment can keep you out of the hospital and make recovery much easier. Why are we not hearing this on the news every day?