This article is crazy!   

Lord, please grant me restraint.   

Years ago I was introduced to cricket dog treats at a trade show. I didn't think much of it. A couple years later, I sat through a seminar only to learn that they were promoting a new dog food made from bugs. I was disgusted by the thought of feeding my dogs bugs instead of meat.   

As many of you know, I have been feeding my dogs a raw food diet for many years. My poodle, Ginger, turned 15 years old last January. I would say this raw food diet is working quite well for her. If she wants to eat a random bug, more power to her, but I will NOT particpate in the insanity of feeding bug treats or bug dog food to her. In fact, I will not carry either of these nasty products in our store.   

The only thing more frightening than the fact that bugs are being pushed on our pets to address the so called "climate crisis", is that they are pushing this same insanity in the human food market. No, I will not eat bugs or lab grown meat. Speaking of meat, are you aware that our human meat supply may be injected with MRNA shots?

From the CNN article linked above: "The general rule is that larger pets will have a larger climate impact than smaller ones, primarily because they need more food. So you might consider smaller breeds or species if you’re aiming to minimize your impact on the planet. A Chihuahua’s carbon pawprint will be much smaller than a Saint Bernard, for example." I'm sorry, but I prefer big dogs and so does my husband. We won't be bowing to the powers that be and switching over to bug eating chihuahuas. No offense intened to chihuahuas or their owners LOL.