Since most dog foods are complete and balanced, the idea of giving your dog a multi-vitamin supplement may surprise you. Yet this little pill can seriously boost your dog’s health. On top of featuring all human grade ingredients, this supplement contains both herbs, vitamins and minerals for your dog. Let’s look at a few of the ingredients: 

Flax Seed: While we recommend your dog get as much of his omega-3 fatty acids from an animal source, flax seed is nonetheless an excellent source of omega-3s for your dog, and also offers a source of fiber. 

Spirulina: A power house of nutrients ranging from vitamins (A variety of B vitamins as well as Vitamin A) as well as minerals such as iron and manganese. 

Yucca Root: Another power house of nutrients, yucca reduces stool odor and may help alleviate the pain of arthritis. Check out this awesome link to learn more about yucca. 

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is not included in most dog foods because dogs can survive without it. They can manufacture enough of it on their own to survive. However, recent studies have shown that dogs can really benefit from vitamin C in their diet. Check out this link on how vitamin C can benefit your dog! 

This is Lyn’s favorite multi-vitamin, and a great supplement to put your dog on. We carry it at Woofers Grooming & Goodies, for $x.xx per bottle.