At Woofers, we believe strongly in supplements to help keep your dog as happy and healthy as possible. Every month we will be featuring a new supplement and talk about what they are used for and why.  

If you only do one supplement for your dog, please make it probiotics. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that work to help your dog digest its food, keep unhealthy bugs out and therefore strengthen the immune system. Most dogs love the taste of our probiotics. It is an egg based product and comes in a powdered form that you can sprinkle on your dog’s food. The 8 oz bag is $19.99, the 1 lb bag is $29.99 and the Senior formula which includes joint supplements is 12 oz for $34.99. We also have giant sized bags available after we get you hooked on this amazing supplement. Many, many customers rave about the difference they see in their dogs after adding probiotics. I take the human form of probiotics and I haven’t been sick in years.  

Sorry, yogurt just doesn’t have enough bang for the buck. Tripe is a great probiotic but it stinks to high heaven because its cow stomach.  

Science has only recently begun to discover the importance of keeping the gut full of good bacteria, and all of the benefits are not yet fully understood. What we do know is that probiotics go a long way to keep your dog free of disease, and with happy tummies. If your dog has recently been on antibiotics, needs an immune boost, or has stomach issues, try probiotics to help get things right again!