At Woofers, we believe strongly in supplements to help keep your dog as happy and healthy as possible. Every month we will be featuring a new supplement and talk about what they are used for and why. 

This month we are talking about my favorite supplement, Joint Guard Vet. This joint supplement works extremely well for all kinds of joint issues. I’ve tried lots of joint supplements before, but this one got my attention because it helped my dog Rocco go from three-legged-lame to jumping and running without issue in what felt like no time at all. 

I was so impressed by this supplement I emailed the company asking what made it work so well. 

My inquiry: “I have a 5 year old chihuahua named Rocco. As you may know, chihuahuas are prone to a condition called “Luxating Patella” where the knee joint slips out of place. My dog has a grade 1 slipping patella on one side, and a grade 2 in the other. This didn\’t appear until he was 3 years old, and while it causes him no pain, sometimes his knee gets stuck and the only way to put it back is to tip him upright and then back down.” 

Here is the prompt reply I received: 

“Thank you, Andrea, for your putting Rocco on joint guard and supporting his nutritional and supplement needs.

 I can see you how much you love him. There is not just one ingredient, but the blend of Joint Guard is what we feel is working. Patella luxation is a chronic, genetic, congenital, or traumatic condition that over time will cause arthritic changes and the inflamed environment inside the joint will cause a breakdown of ligaments. Therefore, by supplementing with the ingredients in joint guard we are trying to support the normal structure of the joint and keep it healthy. The vitamin C used (Pure-way C) is rapidly absorbed and maintains higher plasma levels in comparison to other ascorbic acids and is necessary for collagen synthesis. There are various ingredients that help to form glycosaminoglycans which have anti-inflammatory properties needed for proteoglycan synthesis, found normally in synovial fluid. MSM is a source of sulfur required for collagen synthesis and may inhibit pain impulses traveling along the nerve fibers, therefore having analgesic properties. A blend of bioflavonoids have been chosen because of the strong antioxidant properties which inhibit inflammation and damaging enzymes. Manganese is also an essential cofactor in the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans, collagen and proteoglycans to form the organic matrix of bone. 

We hope this answers your question. Thank you for informing us on the amazing update for Rocco. 

Animal Necessity Veterinary Advisory Team”

If you have a dog with joint issues, give this a try. The results with my dog were fantastic! Lyn is also using this product with Ginger & FredMan. 

The 45 count bottle costs $41.99 and it’s worth every penny. 

Written by: Andrea Kuska, one of your amazing groomers at Woofers, who is also studying canine nutrition. 

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