Does your dog have healthy teeth?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, you are not alone. It’s not always easy to check what’s going on in there, especially if your pet is not the cooperative sort. Even if you manage a quick glance at your dog’s front teeth and everything seems okay, that is no guarantee that the back teeth aren’t broken or covered in tartar.

It can be very difficult to tell whether your dog is healthy or not without professional assistance, but it’s something every dog owner should think about. Neglecting your dog’s teeth can cause him serious pain, just like neglecting our own teeth can result in pain.

Regular toothbrushing can help prevent tartar build-up, but once it is already there a professional dental is usually the only way to clean their teeth. If your dog is already middle-aged when you discover the problem, putting off a dental could mean your veterinarian’s refusal to do a dental on your dog because most vets don’t like to put old dogs under anesthesia. Waiting could doom your dog to spending it’s final years living with dental pain.

If you’d rather not risk putting your dog under anesthesia, K9 Dental Services will be offering anesthesia-free dental cleanings on February 4th at Woofer’s Grooming and Goodies. A $25.00 deposit holds your spot and is applied toward the fee of $155. This procedure is very gentle, requires no drugs, and will get your dogs teeth clean.

Anesthesia free cleanings are good for most dogs, but extractions cannot be done without anesthesia, and dogs with severe gum disease are not good candidates.

If you’d like to get your dogs teeth cleaned on February 4th, using this safe, gentle method please come in to Woofers and sign up with your $25. deposit.