Perhaps you’ve noticed that the newsletter is late this month? I apologize for the delay. We’ve had a hectic two weeks at “Casa Woofer”! Of course blaming the delay on our hectic lifestyle is just a red herring to avoid the real truth that we gave ourselves an extended Labor Day weekend off. Then, to make the delay even longer, Vee, Kaia, and I spent an entire week rattling around in the mountains near Republic WA, hunting for grouse. I’ve written about that in the article entitled, “Our Time”, so I won’t drag it out more here.

Otherwise we’ve been busy trying to find new ways to make Woofers a better store for you and your dog. We want to thank everyone who took the time to respond to our recent survey. There was actually a great deal of positive feedback and we were flattered to read your compliments. Thank You!

We paid special attention to the respondents who provided suggestions for improving Woofers. One theme that seems to run through the survey like a golden thread is the request for more “Good Deals”. It’s obvious from the results that everyone is trying to find a way to get their dollar to stretch a bit farther in this difficult economy. Lyn and I have been discussing ways for us to help stretch your dollar at Woofers. We decided to start with one of the most requested items which is a coupon for grooming. So, this month you’ll find a coupon for 5 dollars off any Full Groom or Bath & Brush service. You don’t have to actually print out the coupon, just mention the ad when you pick up your dog and we’ll knock five bucks off your bill!

We hope you’ll find this valuable and tell our friends and neighbor about us too!

Other suggestions from the survey include specials on Dog food and rewards for customer loyalty. We’re working on the dog food part, but maybe we haven’t been pro-active enough about promoting our loyalty-rewards program which we call “Goodie Bucks”. The way it works: we keep a card on file and record the subtotal of all your purchases. After six purchases, we ad up the sub-totals (before tax) and credit you back 5% that you can use on grooming, food, or anything else in the store. If you aren’t signed up yet please remember to let us know next time you’re in the store. We’ll try harder to get the word out too.

If you have any other ideas about how we can make Woofers a better store for you and your dog, please don’t be shy about sharing your ideas with us. We’re all ears!