According to Dr. Karen Becker, a leading veterinarian, a raw food diet is one of the healthiest diets you can feed your dog. Benefits of raw food include reduced skin problems, cleaner teeth, better breath and smaller stools. 

Raw dog food is also much better for dogs with sensitive stomachs because it is the most biologically appropriate food you can feed. After all, no one is cooking for wild dogs, or their cousin the wolf. 

Woofers Grooming and Goodies is dedicated to providing the very best for your dog, and for us that meant bringing in a brand new freezer filled with the world’s very best pet food. 

We are especially proud of K9 Naturals, a product made in New Zealand, which features 100% pure ingredients including grass fed proteins, all from animals deemed fit for human consumption. 

If you’ve read up on what can be found in dog foods not made with human grade ingredients, you’ll find K9 Naturals to be a welcome relief. 

Other raw frozen foods available include Stella & Chewy’s, Primal, and Northwest Natural. Come on in and take a look at our wonderful selection! You will not be disappointed.