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I read and study about nutrition for dogs and/or humans almost every single day. I am convinced that nutrition is the single most important factor for longevity and good health. I hate cancer with a bloody passion, which is one of the reasons I read about nutrition daily. My goal is to prevent cancer in myself and my dogs. I want to prevent it so that I never have to worry about curing it.

I found a guy on the internet that is doing a 30 year study on dogs being raw fed and cancer prevention. He has already completed 15 years of his study. He told me, quote: “I don’t know of any dog in the past 12 years that have gotten cancer feeding raw and takes a few seeds.”  The seeds he mentioeds are Apricot kernels aka B17. I am all over this now. My dogs and I are eating Apricot Kernels / Seeds daily. This gentleman is Thomas Sandberg and his website is

My dogs eat a raw diet because I am convinced it is far superior to any dry dog food. I hope that by feeding a raw diet and adding supplements like probiotics, Omega 3’s, and apricot kernels my dog will live extraordinarily long and healthy lives.



You can check out your own dog food’s rating at these two independent sites:

When I fed kibble, aka dry dog food, I fed Orijen. Orijen has more protein from meat & fish than any other kibble I have found and it gets the highest ratings from both of the above dog food ratings sites.

I now feed my dogs a raw diet. That means the dog food is not cooked and they are eating raw meat. I want the best for my dogs. I would rather spend more money on their food than spend money trying to fix their ailments at the veterinarian’s office. I want to have the healthiest dogs on the planet so I feed raw. I do add supplements and I do NOT vaccinate them every year. (see the vaccine link for more info on this topic)

There are many schools of thought on raw feeding. Please do your own research and then do what you think is best. All dogs are different and it is your responsibility to figure out what is best for your dog.


Small dog owner’s have it made. It is so easy and inexpensive to feed a small dog GREAT food, even raw food. Come to Woofers and shop the freezers. We have many affordable choices for you.

Big dog owners may want to do what Jon & I do. We order custom made batches of food. It ends up being about 150 pounds of food, but that makes it affordable for us to feed four large dogs a raw diet. This is the basic recipe for our dogs’ diet: 80% muscle meat, 10% bone meal and 10% organ meat, like liver. It is very important that your dog have a balanced diet, no matter what you feed. Dogs need bone meal and organ meat in order to have a balanced diet. We alternate between beef & chicken and add fish occasionally. When the fall hunting is good, they get venison & elk trimmings throughout the year. Our custom raw meat mix is now for sale at Woofers.

SUPPLEMENTS:  I do add supplements to my dogs raw diet. I add probiotics, green lipped mussels, salmon oil & coconut oil. I alternate the salmon oil & coconut oil. I also add raw chicken eggs and quail eggs, with the shell, a couple times a week.

HOW MUCH RAW DO I FEED? When starting a raw diet,start with 2% of your dog’s ideal body weight.  The standard feeding percentages for adult dogs is: 1.5% of body weight per day for slight weight loss, 2% to 3% of body wight per day for maintenance or 3.5% of body weight per day for slight weight gain.

VEGGIES?:  Yes, I feed some veggies. Here is a great article: Vegetables for Dogs.

LARGE BREED & GIANT BREED PUPPIES, Don’t believe the high protein myth. Do your own research.


Warning: This video is shocking! Dead Cats & Dogs used to make Meat Meal. Click Here .

Why are commercial foods causing so many problems? Just like we humans don’t do so well on a diet of entirely processed foods, dogs often don’t either. Symptoms of this are food sensitivities including bowel issues and skin problems.


Over 900 dogs have died after eating chicken jerky treats from china. None of the treats at Woofers Grooming & Goodies are from China for this reason.



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