Jon and Lyn Borcherding offer professional dog training at their Muck Creek Kennels in Roy, an easy 20-minute drive from their Woofers Grooming & Goodies.

Muck Creek Kennels provides numerous dog training options, with classes for you and your dog as well as 30 Day Bootcamp where your dog comes to live with us while he/she is trained.

A bit about 30 Day Bootcamp

Jon Borcherding will teach your dog prompt and consistent response to the four basic commands SIT, HEEL, HERE and DOWN.  Your dog will learn to walk nicely on lead and he will enjoy doing it!  He will sit when you tell him to and he will come when called.

You will attend training sessions during the last week of his training so that Jon can familiarize you with the proper handling skills to keep the shine on your new, well behaved dog!

About Jon:

Jon is an ABI certified dog trainer with certificates in Animal Training and Enrichment and the use of positive reinforcement training methods. He is also an avid bird hunter with years of experience training and hunting with dogs. His experience and education in both modern and traditional methods makes Jon a well-rounded trainer who puts your dog’s well-being first. Jon uses careful observation to understand each individual dog. He knows there is no “one size fits all” in dog training, and he chooses the best method for your dog.

Several different rescue groups have hired Jon to train their rescue dogs. After spending 30 days at Muck Creek Kennels, the rescue dogs have gone on to be good canine citizens in their forever homes.

To discuss your individual needs and training goals, give Jon a call at 253-442-9625.

30 Day Obedience Boot Camp is $960.00

From Rebecca Blakley Susuico:

Clicker training for the dogs and I is just what the doctor ordered, in this case the doctor being Jon Borcherding. Every day my fear-aggressive Dunkin is getting closer to being my relaxed, content, just-happy-to-be-with-me dog that I always knew he could be. Donut is freely loading up in the car and enjoying the rides to pick up Noah from school and coming back inside the house off leash when called. The light bulb is fully lit, for me most especially. Jon, we sat in the car at the school while waiting for Noah with the windows down and a Rottweiler with his head out his window directly across from us, intensely looking Dunkin directly in the eyes and Dunkin stayed completely relaxed sitting in the passenger seat and didn’t even match his stare. He wasn’t even interested. That is huge!”

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Charlie the rescue dog was sent to us for training. He will be an excellent canine citizen for his new family.